Shoppers Essentials - Ripped off for a service I did not apply for from 2007 to April 2010

Baltimore, Maryland 0 comments

Shoppers Essentials has billed me $20.95 for almost three years.They have charged me over $740.00 for a service i was not aware of.

During this period of time they never emailed me like a legimate company would have done. Thes people need to be invetigated by Dateline NBC. This is so ditressing to me. JERKS THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not aware of aware signing up for this service. I think they obtain names when you I clicked on a "get 10.00 free banner" and when I saw what it was I quickly left that site not realizing that by clicking on it that they my info was forwarded to them from Buy.

com...This makes me sick..

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